Long Distance Relationships: 101

Long Distance Relationships


Today’s lesson is about long distance relationships. Sunday mornings are easy. Puppies are easy. Going to sleep is easy. Relationships in different states, not easy, however they are the most exciting. I am definitely no expert in long distance relationships, but I have learned quite a bit that I think others could really benefit from.

Explore Both Cities (Together)

I love that we live in different cities & get to play tourist in a new place. I had never been to St. Louis before & fell in love with it immediately, because of all the awesome things to do there. Equally it is exciting to play tourist in your own city when you get to show off all your favorite parks, restaurants & museums. Make the most of your time in each city, exploring new & old places together will create lasting memories.

Phone Dates

There’s going to be times that you have good news & you want to blow your partner’s phone up! Just keep in mind that even though you are free at the moment, they may not be. It’s important to keep communication going to know what they have on their agendas for the day. You definitely don’t want to interrupt during a huge meeting. We do a nightly ritual of chatting, but sometimes we plan a little phone date. We’ve cooked together through FaceTime which has been a lot of fun, until you like what they fixed more than what you fixed. We even tried to watch a movie together in the very beginning, ha, let me tell you it was rough because of the echo, so it only lasted about 3 minutes. Even though you are 5 hours or 12 hours away from one another doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Go for a walk or bike ride while chatting, you’re getting exercise & enjoying a nice little phone date.

Surprises & Thoughtfulness

We may be corny, but we both have shown up on each others doorstep on weekends we weren’t supposed to see one another. I’m a massive fan of cards too, so I send them quite a bit. Well, until I realized he’s pretty much over them because he doesn’t know what to do with them, HA! Remember to be kind & thoughtful, it really does go a long way in life & especially in long distance relationships.

Know Your Travel Route

Pick a route to each other that makes you feel the most comfortable. Whether it’s driving or flying, make sure you don’t get anxiety about this part of the trip & focus on the end game, when you’ll be there. I have found two locations I usually stop at to fill my car up, get food & go to the bathroom that I feel completely safe, this helps tremendously. Another thing I have found that I can NOT live without is my Libby app to listen to books on the way. 5 hours will fly by when you’re engrossed in a good mystery or thriller.

Open Honest Brutal Communication

This can pretty much be anything that you feel strongly about. Whether it be you’re too tired from the week to make the drive like you had intended or you’re really not into the pillow you’re using at your partner’s house. Make your thoughts known in a respectful, kind way & talk it through with your partner. Communication has been extremely important in our relationship & we really appreciate that things work out so smooth if we talk them through.

Absence does make the heart grow fonder, you’ll be amazed at how a long distance relationship can be so strong. One piece of real advice though is they only work when both parties give 100%. One person can’t make the trip every time, even if they love driving or the city you live in. While there are times I get lonely or sad or wish that he was here to go eat a million tacos with me, I know that when we are together we are going to have the best time. Who knew I’d fall head over heels in love with a boy in St. Louis?!?!

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