Guests Coming in Town? How to Make Them Feel at Home.

Hosting people in our homes is such a personal matter. It’s an opening of our not only our private space but also our hearts.

Although I miss the consistency of visiting with friends when I lived in Lexington, living in a different city allows for new adventures. There is nothing more exciting than friends visiting me in St. Louis. I love planning for their visit – where to eat, what to see and do.

Along with the excitement of showing my guests the city, I also love getting my home in tip-top shape. It sends me into complete overdrive preparing. Such overdrive that I lay out fresh towels in the guest bathroom weeks ahead of time and dare M to use that bathroom.

With several visits now under my belt and taking notes from my aunt who is perhaps the most detail-oriented host the world has ever seen, I’ve got this down to a science.

Inviting Bedding

There are just a few things you can do to make your guest room inviting. Neutral, calm colors in the bedroom make it more relaxing. When being away from home, you want that oasis you can slip away to. The bedding doesn’t have to be expensive; all you need is a comfortable mattress and well-made clean sheets. The mattress we have on our guest bed isn’t comfortable on its own, but after a new foam topper and a plush mattress pad, it’s heavenly.

Fresh Towels

One of the dressers in the guest room has a stash of clean towels. I like the people who are visiting to feel like they can use multiple towels if needed and not feel guilty.

Extra Pillows & Blankets

Just this month alone, I’ve switched the pillows on my own bed three times. One night my neck is stiff, the next I want less support, so I like options. I possibly add way too many pillows to the bed, but this way there has to be something that is comfortable to the guest.

The temperature of the room is another thing to consider when people are staying at your home. I have a fan in the bedroom as well as extra blankets in case it’s a bit cooler. I try to be accommodating in that regard because chances are I will freeze you out of the rest of the house.

Basket of Goodies

We all have samples from beauty boxes with masks and bath bombs. Why not add those to a basket in the bathroom? Plants and flowers make me happy in my bedroom. There is just something about that added touch. And I love to have some books readily available for light reading in case my guests wake up before me (and chances are, they will).

I’m still learning how to be a better hostess, and I’m picking up tricks everywhere I go. Here are some other nice touches for guests that are in your home overnight include:

• Getting the coffee pot ready the night before
• Run through where everything is ahead of time
• Buy water bottles & snacks to have on hand

I’d genuinely like to hear from you on this topic. What is the most thoughtful thing you’ve noticed when staying at someone’s home? Or, what is the thing you always do for new guests in town? Maybe it’s bagels or donuts in the morning. And if so, send your address, because this girl loves donuts! 🙂


  1. Misty says

    I always feel so cared for when I visit. That bed is a dream to sleep in and I am so appreciative when I wake up before everyone else and know that the coffee pot is ready to go.

    Thank you thank you for always being such a considerate hostess. These are all great tips!

    • livingthetale2 says

      Aw thank you – I really try! And I really loved having you visit! One day there will be something lovely on the walls. 🙂

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