Control: It’s a Tricky Little Thing

Control: It's a Tricky Thing

There is little we can actually control in life, I’m finding this out more & more each day. I can’t control the weather or the external forces that are affecting my life. I can’t control the way people feel about me or even the pesky zits that decide to be front & center on the tip of my nose. For a person who is a bit of a control freak it’s hard that life doesn’t happen exactly as you think it should. I think daily “if I could snap my fingers…”. I can snap, but I’m not going to instantly win the lottery & a unicorn isn’t going to show up at my front door. This is a learning phase for me. A good friend gave me some advice on expectations &  it’s something that keeps popping up in my mind. I love this. By not setting my expectations of events that I simply can’t change the outcome to, I won’t be disappointed.

There are things though that we can control. We can control how we treat people, how hard we work & our daily mood. Sometimes you feel like your world is spinning super crazy. Work is wild, you’ve put on a few pounds & your future is starting to come together but has a small road block you have to wait through first. It’s times like these that I turn my attention to the things I can control. I notice my anxiety lessens, I sleep better & I’m in a better mood.

How Do I Redirect My Focus & Gain Control:

Hobby/Creative Channel

Starting this blog is the second best relationship I’m in. I’m not the best writer, I use an iPhone to take photos & I’m afraid people will judge what I have to say. However, I get a rush of excitement every time I start a new post. The amount of knowledge I’ve gained from starting a blog is priceless. I’ve listened to podcasts, subscribed to several newsletters & stumbled around WordPress. I’ve watched countless videos on Skillshare about blogging & photo editing. I even built a Lightbox to take better photos of objects!

Side Hustle

Some have called me a hummingbird because I lack the ability to sit still. One day on Facebook, I noticed a friend was looking for a person to clean their home while they were traveling. They had rented out their place as an Airbnb & needed someone to pick up after their guests & make sure it was ready for the next. For whatever reason, I didn’t pause, I sent a message & said “ME!”. This only lasted for a few months, but I really enjoyed this gig. It was extra money, helping a friend out & I have a thing for making things sparkle. Since then, I’ve began helping another friend with some simple assistant type tasks & have even found another house to clean on a regular basis.

Diet & Exercise

I’m not a pro at this. I’m a serial dieter. I’ve tried Advocare & Weightwatchers, both of which I really respect & feel like they are great programs. But after I accomplish my “goal” with one, I’m on to the next thing. Part of this I think is because I love learning new techniques & being informed & quiet frankly, I love a good challenge. Lately, I have laid off every plan & I’ve eaten all the things. But my energy is lacking, I wave & my arms wave back & my gut feels blah most of the time. A friend began a program last year & I watched her transformation. I’m not talking about her transformation with weight, because I don’t believe that is the end all be all of a fitness program. I’m talking about her dedication to working out & eating right. She looked great before & now she has these amazing muscles & feels great! I’ve been waiting for the right time to jump on the next program they offer. Now feels like that time. Starting tomorrow, I’ll begin T.R.I.M. Bootcamp. I’m excited to focus my energy on something to better myself & see some toned arms!

Everyone is different on how they handle anxiety or stress, these are just a few of the ways that I have found work really well for me. I also feel like taking time out to relax, read a good book, binge watch your favorite show & cooking delicious meals are good for the soul.

I’d love to hear what brings you joy when you’re feeling blah. Leave a note in the comments, because your technique could also be the perfect focus for someone else!

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