Authentic Self in the Age of Social Media

At one time in my career, I had a manager clearly let me know not to take photos for their social media account of a half-eaten sandwich. It did have a bite out of it, it was messy, but it was also authentic. I feel like since that moment I’ve struggled with authenticity when related to social media. To me, I was showing that the sandwich was damn good, that I was actually eating it in that very moment and was so happy with it that I wanted to post. To the company, it was less than perfect.

Does anyone else feel like social media is a struggle? It’s a topic that comes up a lot for sure. A lot of people post how the struggle is real, but yet they are still showing this perfect world. Are they authentic? Or are they putting on a full face of makeup and cute PJs for a photo? Have we all conformed to paint a perfect picture life on social media? And are we in all reality lying to the world about who we are?

Sometimes I too feel like I have conformed to society. My life isn’t always perfect. My food isn’t delicious all the time and my face has breakouts, but I’m not going to show you that on social media. But why? Why shouldn’t I show you the face I made after trying the beef stew that took me all day to make? I drooled over this meal all week, the scent of it cooking in the oven filled the entire house of this dreamy smell, and I got some of the best photos to date of the cooking process. But when I tasted it, my heart sank. It was bland, flavorless, and as a person who is 100% offended by adding anything in the way of salt or hot sauce to a meal I’ve prepared, I added both salt and red pepper flakes to jazz it up. Wouldn’t it be a lot more realistic and dare I say funny to tell you the full truth?

The issues I’ve been having with my skin have driven me quite insane. I’ve tried food changes, lifestyle changes, hell, I even cut out coffee for a week. Nothing changed. I added a couple hundred dollars worth of new products. I wash my face, I don’t wash my face, I use prescription medicine and masks, and friends, nothing changes. Have I shown you that? Not entirely, but I have shared products I’m trying and books I’m reading with you. But do I show you my actual skin? I haven’t.

Social media can be a pretty fantastic thing. I’ve met friends online, I’ve found cute boutiques and new neighborhoods through Instagram, but I’ve also really struggled with who it makes me. Some posts can really send me spiraling down a really negative path. Then other social feeds can kickstart my inspiration and creativity into overload.

Folks, I’m on a struggle bus, but I’ve determined life is the struggle bus, and we are ALL on it. We all have issues that we struggle with, whether it’s our skin or weight or our bland food. I struggle with what direction and purpose I want my blog to go. I’m not a fashion blogger or a fitness instructor. I have deep wrinkles on my forehead, and I’m contemplating Botox. I cook but thank you Skinnytaste, A Healthy Passion & my friend Misty I don’t have to come up with my own recipes and I take comfort knowing they will be delicious. So what do I tell you? What can I give you that will make you want to read along?

And I realize, all I have to give is myself. To share with you my struggles or the recipes I take from my friends & favorite blogs. I can share posts that I find to be entertaining and I can give you tips on skincare, although half the time I will just say it’s a trial and error kinda thing. Maybe that’s why I blog, perhaps that’s the direction I can keep going & not take myself to seriously and to show you the struggle bus. Because at the end of that day, all I can give you is my real, genuine, authentic self and hope that it either inspires you or motivates you to be your authentic self.

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