Monday Drive: 70ish Degrees to Snow

Weekend Scenes

Friday after work, the weather was lovely. M suggested we go for a “wine walk” and we ventured to City Garden with a couple of tumblers filled with red wine. An hour later, we’re in front of the tv with meats & cheeses watching Game of Thrones.

Saturday, we had all the windows open while I cleaned and got the piles of wedding stuff ready for my Matron of Honor and me to go through next weekend. I enjoyed the sound of chirping birds outside and thought to myself how close they must be because the chirps kept getting louder. As I walked through the living room, I spotted her. She was perched on the windowsill looking directly at me. And that’s when things got a little insane. I saw quickly she was inside and I believe at the same moment I realized it, she did as well. M helped me shoo her outside, and while it was great seeing her, I’d like for her not to show up unannounced again.

The afternoon ended with a trip to Cherokee Street to pick up some pansies at Flowers and Weeds and more Game of Thrones.

On Sunday I had fully intended to help M with his office, but I stayed curled up in a blanket because sometime in the night the balmy 70ish degrees went to 38. That’s St. Louis weather for you folks and the joy of an uneventful Sunday afternoon.

Inspiring Me Right Now

This elegant wedding’s simplicity

Your Zodiac Sign’s Signature Emoji

Obsessed with Healing Crystals

I did the Ritual Bar & my skin feels amazing

Fresh flowers are the best part of Spring

On My Nightstand

Two sentences and I’m out like a light. I can’t find a book to entertain me, and I have a large pile of books I’ve started but not yet finished. Am I the only one who does this? It could be that the books I’m gathering are books I think I should read, rather than books I thoroughly enjoy. I’m anxious to find something to keep my attention. These are on my list, let’s see if they pass the challenge.

Before She Knew Him
Feeding You Lies
Do Less
The All or Nothing Marriage

Recipes On The Agenda

I fell off the #Whole30 wagon last week because things have been slightly hectic in life. This week, I’m going to get my act together, and I’ve got several yummy foods on the list to fix.

One thing I always saw when researching #Whole30 was that smoothies weren’t encouraged. For whatever reason, my body is craving smoothies, so I found this website with smart #Whole30 compliant ideas which I am sharing below.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Toast – I’m going to top these with egg & avocado and then another with almond butter & blueberries
Chopped Chicken Cabbage Wraps


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