Monday Drive: Unpack

Sunday marked one week since M & I started to unpack our U-Haul of all my belongings. How quickly this week has flown by. Boxes still lay in the floor in the hallway, but clothes are now put away in drawers & the dishes are all washed. I feel like I’m losing my touch, I normally would have everything “finished” really quickly. This time though, I’ve put more thought into where things will go. We are extremely fortunate to be renting this amazing place with the exposed pipes in the ceiling & the high arched windows that are the focal point in the main room. There is plenty of room & plenty of luxuries that we may never get to experience again & we are drinking them in.

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We drove to St. Louis after packing everything up in Lexington on Saturday morning. Saying “see you later” to my house, my family & friends & town was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. I drove in silence most of the trip following behind M in the U-Haul & shed a few tears along the way. When we arrived in St. Louis we were completely & utterly exhausted. We shared a bottle of wine, Thai food & sat on sleeping bags in the middle of the open space.


After unloading the U-Haul with the help of a few good men, M wanted to make dinner. Tacos. I’m not sure who crept into my body & said yes for me, but it was a wonderful idea. We walked a block over to the Culinaria & got enough food for the night. I was able to unpack enough boxes to find what we needed to cook.


Interview #1 – 10:30am. On the way to the interview I made a mental note I was passing Trader Joe’s & Target. Lucky for me I had made a list of items for the grocery, so I stopped by after my interview. I felt so proud of myself for navigating around a new city so well.


Unpacking, cooking & interview #2 at 3pm. Fell in absolute love with this company & thought that the location being on Sarah St. wasn’t just a strange coincidence. Picked M up & we went to the mall, because he needs jeans.


8:30am networking meeting over hazelnut coffee at St. Louis Bread Company in Webster Groves. Unfortunately all the cute shops were still closed when I left my meeting, I can’t wait to go back! On the way home, I decided we needed more groceries. This is who I am people. I set my google maps to go to Trader Joe’s & off I go. One wheel to the curb later, I have a flat tire & a nice citizen helped me change it in the middle of traffic. I drove on the donut tire to the tire shop, they ordered the tire & could have it in later in the afternoon. He told me not to drive over 50 on my way back home. I had to drive on I64. I managed. Then I managed to go back a few hours later, get the tire changed, stop by Trader Joe’s & make it home in time to cook dinner. And friends, I was just as calm doing all that as you were reading it.


More to unpack. Offer letter from interview #2 & my heart couldn’t be happier. Also, an invitation to see Flora Borealis with their team that night. Yes to both! M & I had such a lovely time getting to know these amazing people & see the exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. This is going to be the start of something really amazing.


I’m not even 100% sure if I left the house on Friday…


M & I went back to the mall, then tried a German restaurant for lunch with plates to the sky of onion rings & sausages. We hit up Target, IKEA & Trader Joes again. We added several new plants to our collection but surprisingly that was our only splurge.


I slept late today & by late I mean 830am. I enjoyed a pot of coffee in my new little office working away on the podcast. (Which if you haven’t listened, I’ll include a link here.  In this week’s episode “Why Should I Worry About My Age“, Holly & I discuss how our lives have improved with age.) This move has really put my life on hold, so it’s nice to be getting back in the swing of things. I put a big pot of Potato Leek Soup on the stove & napped while it warmed up. Late lunch with M, a few episodes of Orange is the New Black & a nice shower before I crawled into bed to rest up because tomorrow I start my new job!!

If you’re still reading despite all the rambling, thank you! I promise to be more consistent with posting as I am now “settled” & will definitely have many tales to share with you. I’d love to hear from you, have you ever picked up & moved? What was your reasoning? How did you make it work? I’d love to hear all your advice!

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