Living A Life I Enjoy – I’m So Grateful

Being grateful. Mindful. Giving grace & having patience. I think these are some of the ingredients for a happy heart. I’m at peace & living a life that I enjoy. I feel both comfortable & anxious at the same time. The good kind of anxious though, the kind where you get excited to see what’s to come. The kind where your belly feels like there are bubbles in it. For this, I’m grateful.


Losing my phone somewhere in the loft doesn’t cause me stress. It allows me to chop, stir & style my dinners ever so delicately. My $4 bottle of wine from Trader Joe’s swirls down my throat & conversation flows freely. There is the occasional dance to get out of the others way. A dance to get to the timer of the oven or to grab one more water from the fridge. I’m mindful of all of these little movements.

Dirty coffee cups line the bathroom sink. The sheets are pushed back after I finally turn the alarm off after 3 times & I don’t straighten them back. I throw my pjs in the floor & add even more to the pile as I’m trying to find what to wear. This is the day to day. Then the call at 530 that dinner isn’t a priority but going for margaritas & fajitas could be. Easy going, happy go lucky, he shows me grace and patience everyday and for this I am so thankful.

I’m grateful for this life. The coffee that is made on weekends mornings to let me sleep a bit longer. The inspiration I receive from my coworkers & the support I receive from M & my family truly amazes me. 2016 was a year that knocked me down & 2017 I was able to figure out who I really was & began liking who I saw in the mirror. Then 2018 showed up & proceeded to be an amazing year of discovery, journeys & following my heart. It was the year I was looking for or maybe I was finally the person I was looking for.

As I take this time to reflect on what I’m grateful for, I am just so very happy & so very proud. I’m proud of my strength. Following our heart whether it’s just in general or across state lines takes a lot of trust & believing in one’s decisions. And I’m happy because I took that leap & I’m feeling like Mary Tyler Moore.

Is it possible to wake up everyday with a happy & grateful heart? Probably not. I really try, but when Alexa starts blaring & the lights flash on & I realize I probably turned the heat down too low the night before, it’s difficult. But it only gets better after my first cup of coffee, seeing the views of the city from my window.

downtown st Louis views

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