1-2-3 – Here We Go Again

I hear rustling, you’re awake from your nap.

When I open the bedroom door your head pops off the mattress and you’re grinning wide.

I know you’re still sleepy, so I pick you up and whisk you away to Mommy & Daddy’s bed.

“After nap” cuddles are the best and you let Mommy hug on you a bit longer than normal.

Once you start to get restless, I know it’s time to play our version of peek-a-boo.

I throw the sheet over our heads, “1-2-3” I say.

We do this for a few more minutes, this is the most fun game by far, because you can’t stop giggling.

Mommy’s having fun too and throws in a few tickles.

You can’t control your laughing, you’re throwing your head down on my chest and then raising it up again.

Wham! Your little head hits my nose. I see stars & I yell for your dad.

All I can picture is Marcia Brady getting smacked in the nose with the football and the crooked appearance that instantly appears.

You’re laying still, wondering what is going on.

Your dad rounds the corner of the bedroom, I ask if my nose is broken and he’s so confused and asks me how he would know.

After a quick examination we determine it isn’t broken and we all cheer that Mommy is fine!

Daddy leaves the room, you and I make eye contact and I know what you’re thinking…

1-2-3, here we go again!

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